Tramway Line 4

Line 4 represents the main north-south axis of public transport in Torino. The 18-km line has been radically overhauled in recent years. It now travels almost completely on a reserved track, with platforms located alongside the track, allowing an increase in commercial speed to18 km/h and making the line efficient, sustainable and competitive with private modes of transport. The Line track goes from Strada Del Drosso until Via delle Querce and is covered by modern 34 m long Cityway trams.

The Line crosses the city from north to south, and its ends correspond to two densely populated areas, Mirafiori sud and Falchera, linked by a rapid connection that contributed to reducing their substantial isolation from other urban areas and the city center.

The most recent works done on Line 4 concerned its northward extension. This stretch, going from Via delle Cascinette to Via delle Querce, is about 2 km long. Its realization completed the extension and renovation project that started in 1999 with the reorganization of the tramway track in Via Milano, Via San Francesco d’Assisi and Via Pietro Micca.

The final part of the northward extension, completed in 2006, entailed the construction of a 700-metre double-track tunnel and of Stura underground station, which provides an interchange point with the homonymous railway station and parking facility.

During the realization of the track, getting past the railway tracks yard demanded a great amount of attention. This was achieved through the pipe jacking technique, which allowed to position a concrete artifact by pushing it and without interrupting the trains passage.

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