Tramway Line 16

Line 16 is a 12 km long tramway line having its terminus in Piazza Sabotino. It is the only line having a circular track, taking two different names depending on the direction of travel (“right circular itinerary” for the clockwise direction and “left circular itinerary” for the anti-clockwise direction).

Line 16 is probably one of the oldest lines in Turin: it was established in the early 1900s and its was known as “The Line of the Alleys” because it used to pass in the main alleys of the city, like it still does today.

The current track has a single terminus in Piazza Sabotino; from this point, the right circular itinerary goes north through Via di Nanni, Corso Tassoni, Piazza Adriano and Piazza Bernini. It drives along Corso Regina Margherita and Corso San Maurizio on a protected side, and it crosses Piazza Vittorio Veneto merging into Corso Cairoli. The track then proceeds in Corso Massimo d’Azeglio along one of the most beautiful stretches of Turin, located between Valentino Park and Liberty style houses, which date from the beginning of the century. Subsequently, the track turns in Via Valperga Caluso, it continues onto Corso Sommeiller, Corso Einaudi and Corso Peschiera, before reaching again the terminus in Piazza Sabotino. The left circular itinerary proceeds in the exactly opposite direction.

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